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100 Pack Video Brochure Gift Boxes

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Product Information

We've produced thousands of video brochure boxes like these UPS boxes with a drone inside. These are import to the U.S. using MediaWrite's custom designs and proprietary interface and specifications just like our other specialty portfolio hardcover brochures with pockets, video business cards and Fast-Ship brochures.

Specialty video brochures like these boxes require more time to produce since they have to be air-shipped to the U.S. Both U.S. and imported brochures are produced using MediaWrite's original specs for IPS screens, play functionality, button configuration, sleep mode and memory usage features.

Inner Die-cut Compartments

Most video brochure gift boxes include 3 layered medium density die-cut foam layers to protect its content. The top 2 layers, seamlessly applied to the bottom layer, are die-cut to fit or compartmentalize the gift item(s). We include vector design service with consideration for a snug fit to protect the inner items in the box. You can send the items or drawing to us.  

Custom Video Brochures

Our import soft-touch video brochures are available in a number of different configurations too numerous to mention. We have made video brochures shaped like soccer stadiums as large as 20" and as small as business cards. These require about 2 weeks for delivery from the date the customer approves the artwork. Please contact us for more information. 

Small List of Available Options

  1. Full-color/full bleed graphics including back cover, liner, video module and spine  
  2. 256MB to 4GB memory - easily enough for 2-3 hours of video
  3. 5", 7" and 10" IPS HD LCD Screens
  4. Portfolio and business card size brochures and bulk 6x9 hardcovers, softcovers and boxes.
  5. Inside pockets and more 

Video can be loaded by the customer or RagMill on large orders. Cables are included if requested. Under normal usage, the battery will remain sufficiently charged for several months. Artwork templates will be sent to you once you place your order and confirm the dimensions, screen size and functionality you require.


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