Video Brochure Artwork Templates

Easy Instructions For Custom Brochures

Video Brochure Artwork Templates

Our Fast Ship - Softcover video brochures include custom White-ink printing on the front cover. You can upload custom artwork here (no template is required). For Custom 7" Hardcover video brochures, use template link 1 (below) to create your cover artwork. 

Our templates are for both USA and imported video brochures.

Artwork Instuctions for Hardcover Brochures

  1. For Standard video brochures create your artwork using template 1 (below)
  2. Allover video brochures require artwork created from templates 1, 2 and 3 (below).

Fast-Ship Custom 7" Video Brochure Template

Hardcover Video Brochure Template Links

  1. 7" Outside Cover Template (Front, Back & Spine)
  2. 7" Inside Left Liner Template
  3. 7" Video Module Template
  4. 10" Outside Cover Templage (Front, Back & Spine)
  5. 10" Inside Left Liner Template

 Submitting Artwork

You can upload your logo using our Artwork Upload form.