This page was created to answer general questions about DTF techniques and products.  Additional technical information can be found on our DTF White Paper including competitive products that you can make comparisons with. See our Video Brochure FAQ page for information specific to video brochures. 

General Questions

Can graphic designers offer their designs on RagMill.com?

Why is my coupon code not working?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I sell your transfers and shirts on my website?

Where do your designs come from? 

Is your shirt quality better than Amazon?

What shirts beside Bella + Canvas can I use?

Questions About DTF Transfers

Can I order a transfer and press it with my iron?

How do I customize an existing RagMill.com design?

Why do I have to pre-press my shirts?

How do DTF transfers compare to other transfers?

Can I use my Cricut heat press for your transfers?

How do I press a DTF transfer?

What do I need to start my own DTF business?

What items can be pressed with DTF?

Why do I have to press a second time for 10 seconds?


Do I have to pay sales tax on my orders?

I made a mistake on my order; can I change it?

Can I specify Pantone colors?

Can I order a DTF transfers without ordering shirts?

How do I order a large quantity of shirts for my company?

POD Questions

How do I order DTF transfers without paying shipping? 

Do you offer a Print-On-Demand services?


Do you offer free shipping?

How long does will it take to get my shirt?

Do I have to pay return shipping costs?

Refunds & Returns

How do I go get a refund on my shirt?

My shirt is defective, how do I get a replacement?

Care Instructions

How should I wash my shirt?

How long does a t-shirt last?