Ragmill Partners™

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Ragmill.com produces high definition and stretchable soft-hand direct-to-film DTF  transfers that offer outstanding wash durability and can be pressed on cotton, poly, 50/50 blends, nylon, leather and many other dark and light fabrics. You can purchase wholesale DTF transfers for your own shop or become a RagMill Shop™ partner and produce shirts using RagMill.com transfers.

RagMill Partners™ Fulfillment 

Ragmill Shops are approved partners made up of t-shirt, screen printing and embroidery companies capable of producing outstanding quality shirts using RagMill.com custom and Stock DTF transfers. All gang sheets and Stock DTF transfers are print and shipped to RagMill Shops to ensure quality and fast shipping for all shirt orders.

How Orders are Awarded to Shops

Only approved shops sell RagMill.com bulk shirts, specialty tees, bags and other products. Orders are awarded based on the customer's shipping location and the shop's customer satisfaction rating. RagMill Partners must acquire necessary DTF transfers from RagMill.com for awarded orders within 1-2 days and press and ship the shirt orders within an additional 1 - 2 days.

Single shirt order purchases (acquired from the Stock Transfers Pages) are awarded to the licensee for that transfer in much the same fashion as mentioned above. These license means the shop has the DTF Stock transfer in inventory and can press the shirt(s) more quickly.

  • Licensed designs are advertised with the shop's logo throughout RagMill.com's Stock Transfers pages.
  • All t-shirt orders placed with licensed designs are directly passed to the shop for fulfillment with no obligations to RagMill.com. A maintained inventory of the licensed transfers and the shirts are the only requirement for our shops.

Benefits for RagMill Partner Shops™

  • Ragmill.com licensed-design t-shirt orders are passed directly to you for fulfillment with no obligation to RagMill.com and must be produced on Bella+Canvas shirts.
  • Your logo is displayed on all RagMill's website pages for your licensed designs (or company name).
  • Get free technical support and help with show booth ideas, DTF pressing techniques and more from RagMill.com and RagMill Shops
  • Additionally, you can get FREE Ragmill.com design services that include up to a 1-year license for any 12-piece order of 11" transfers (some conditions may apply).

NOTE: RagMill.com reserves the right to expire any license in January of each year. This insures RagMill.com Shops are still active and able to properly serve customers.   

How Do I Create My Own Licensed and Branded Designs?

RagMill.com must approve all custom designs before placing them on its website The cost is $35 and includes 2 - 11" transfers, OR you can buy 12 - 11" transfers from our transfer design web pages. RagMill.com allows 3 revisions for each design order.

NOTE: Please inform us is you want to license a design (advertised) in the comments section when you place your design order. RagMill Shops can acquire free transfers, product fulfillment awards and discount perks. Non-licensed designs are custom designs and not placed on our website (use the Design a 22" Gang Sheet tool to create). 

How Do I Get My Own RagMill Shop?

Becoming a RagMill.com Shop is free. Please contact us for minimum requirements to become a RagMill Shop via our contact form.

 Important Notes

  • RagMill.com reserves the right to remove any design from its library regardless of the current license status.
  • RagMill.com reserves the right to terminate any RagMill.com Shop for various reasons such as delayed product fulfillment, poor quality, customer complaints, etc.  
  • Licensed transfers may be subject to a price change during the current license year.