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50 Pack - Fast-Ship Custom 7" Video Brochures

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All open-and-play Fast-Ship 7" Softcover video brochures come with an w/IPS screen, 512mb memory, charging cable and a glossy Black, spot UV non-smudge cover. The + Logo option includes front cover graphics. 

+ Logo Option

The logo option includes front cover, full color print (up to 4" x 6"). White company logos look spectacular against Black covers, but full color print can also work. After adding to your cart, upload your free artwork and even view it against a Black background.

About Buttons

Our Fast-Ship brochures do not include standard 5-function VCR-style play buttons.  For most uses, we do not recommend them because they distract from your video message, require more coordination to use while holding the brochure and they add cost. For more options, shop our Custom Video Brochures for allover-print, custom buttons, added memory, pocketed portfolio brochures, video gift boxes and more.


Size: 9" x 6 1/6" (approximate)
Screen: HD IPS LCD
Memory: 512mb (1hr video)
Interface: Micro-USB
2 hours

Basic Features Include:

  1. Combination charging/upload cable
  2. Complimentary video loading on orders of 25 or more

Note: Video loading is similar to a thumb drive copy. No special software is required.

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