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50 Pack - Custom Allover Print 10" Video Brochure

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Our Custom Allover Print 10" softcover and hardcover video brochures come standard w/IPS screens, full color edge-to-edge print on front, back, inside liner and video module. Includes 1GB of memory, enough for 1-2 hours of HD video and fully functional FF/REW, PLAY/PAUSE and VOLUME buttons. All our brochures automatically play when opened and enter sleep mode when closed. Product ships within 12 days by DHL air!

Upload cover and/or liner artwork using our Bulk Items Artwork Upload form. You can download the appropriate video brochure templates here.

Basic Features Include:

  1. 1GB memory - enough for 1 --2 hours of video
  2. HD IPS LCD Screen
  3. 5 buttons (PREV/REW, NEXT/FF, PLAY/PAUSE, VOL +, VOL-) 
  4. Combination charging/upload cable
  5. Complimentary video loading (not required)

Note: Video loading is similar to a thumb drive copy with no special software required.

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