Startup DTF Bundle

HTVront Heat Press

Start your own DTF transfer business with just a heat press. Choose from our 1,000s of ready-to-press Stock DTF designs, upload existing designs with our DTF Easy Gang tool or design your own transfers with our 22" DTF Gang Sheet online graphics creator.

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Equipment and Tools

As mentioned, the only equipment required is a heat press. does not recommend using a common household iron for professional purposes. You can purchase a simple, fully automatic heat press like the HTVront for less than $250. 

Additionally, you may want to purchase a small, inexpensive thermal Zebra printer (like retail stores use) if you plan on shipping your DTF products to create mailing labels (@ $300 new).

Common Tools to Help:

  • Dry Eraser or old t-shirt (for rubbing transfer in after pressing)
  • Teflon or parchment paper to protect your press
  • Heat Press Rulers for good alignment ( - $4.99)